Welcome to the website of 'rhiannon'!

The main focus of this band (which was founded in 2002) is on playing music in the tradition of how medieval minstrels performed.
It is not about seeking authentic medieval music, but we like to interpret, compose and freely develope and let us guide from the atmospheric picture and sound.

After some changes among the members we are currently four people enjoying playing together with focussing on more singing and not playing too loud, but using a variety of different instruments instead as well as trying to provide a certain atmosphere with these ingredients.
Just to mention some examples we use different bagpipes (e.g. Flemish bagpipe, Galician gaita), different percussions (f.i. davul, bodhrán), lutes, wheel fiddle, nyckelharpa, harp as well as a marine trumpet.

As this website is basically in German we would like to mention some links where you can find some pictures about the band, the different instruments as well as videos and audio samples and some details about an additional project.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to receive any further information. Of course we would be delighted to provide you with more details on individual basis.

Here you can find the mentioned links:
Photo gallery
Audio samples
Additional project "cultural collective"
Contact details